About Us

PropSage, is the fastest growing and leading Real Estate portal to help Agencies and Salespersons, manage their Real Estate business as well as help comply with Singapore agency rules and regulations. Currently with more than 10,000 users, PropSage is working tirelessly in expanding our features and capabilities so you don’t have to work as hard to achieve your personal and corporate objectives.

Conceived and incepted in 2011, PropSage is created for Real Estate Agencies and Salespeople in consultation with successful veteran Agency KEOs and Real Estate Sales Persons, incorporating proven workflows and as well as state of the art technology. It provides an array of tools to boost your business.

For Agencies, PropSage provide an array of comprehensive business platform and tools that help support you in managing your agency, letting you focus on the day to day running of your agency.

For Sales Persons, PropSage automate, simplify and put within easy reach, your day-to-day real estate activities and sales person workflows, both when you are in or out of the office, at anytime!. PropSage supports salespeople in various tasks from mining for customers, explaining and securing signed agreements, manage your cases and documents, bring your property to market, and interfacing with your agency. At the same time, helping make sure you comply with outlined professional conduct and best practices.